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Welcome to Custom Food Lab.

Custom Food Lab is an organisation led by artists, committed to working with communities to achieve food security and climate resilience.  We do this through socially engaged artistic projects, community gardening and research.

We are involved in work around food security and food cultures, we campaign for more localised and sustainable approaches to food production and actively seek out creative strategies for supporting better ways of eating and caring for ourselves and the planet.

“We must occupy the food system to create food democracy” Dr Vandana Shiva

We make food.

We make work about food.

We grow food.

We write about food.

latest news and events

22nd December 2020 – Speculative Landscapes

Earlier this year we received Emergency COVID relief funding from Arts Council England. This allowed us to see out the early stage of the pandemic, building strategies for community resilience, whilst we established the Locavore Growing Project, and establishing practical networks of solidarity and support for the artists and researchers we had already begun to create ...

22nd December 2020 – FAR Network

November saw Custom’s curatorial director Madeleine Collie and creative director Cherry Truluck reconvene the newly named Food Art Research (FAR) network (first hosted in August). The network includes members from India, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. This feels like a very special thing emerging – there is an urgency for connectivity and solidarity, ...

22nd December 2020 – FUNDING UPDATE!

We are also thrilled to have received crucial funding from KENT RELIANCE PROVIDENT SOCIETY LIMITED Community Fund through Kent Community Foundation (KCF) – UK and from Persimmon Homes to fund the intergenerational outreach element of the Locavore Growing Project. We are working with Folkestone residential care home Brampton Lodge to create a working food growing space in their back garden. With ...

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