Welcome to Custom Food Lab.

First and foremost we are a collective of people (artists, designers, researchers, growers + activists) who are passionate about food and the future – where food comes from, how it’s grown, it’s potential to tell a story, to connect people to each other, to nature, to heritage, to discover long lost sustainable practices, to reimagine a food system outside of capitalism.

We operate through growing, cooking and sharing food, developing research and artistic projects which explore, expand, dream and share knowledge.

We make food.

We make work about food.

We grow food.

We write about food.

latest news and events

22nd June 2022 – Introducing Jack Ky Tan and the Governance Garden

As part of our upcoming project ‘Seeding the Commons’, Custom Food Lab directors have been working with artist Jack Ky Tan to creatively reimagine our governance. Custom Food Lab has been through so many changes over the last couple of years. When we began, we were very focused on aligning food production through our restaurant ...

Easter Holiday Club

There are so many photos to look back on, so many people to thank and so many memories made at Garden Holiday Club that we didn’t know where to start so we’ve handed it over to our Holiday Club families! Because after all, it’s their Club and we have so much gratitude for their support ...

22nd April 2022 – Patchwork Farm

We are thrilled to have been awarded a £5,000 grant to kickstart our vision for a district-wide ‘patchwork farm’. The money from Kent Community Foundation (KCF) will allow us to deliver workshops and volunteer sessions about permaculture and organic food-growing practices. This will empower local people as we simultaneously work with the Feeding Folkestone network ...

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