Eat Your Words

Fireside Storytelling

As part of Refugee Weekend, local artists read stories of migration, displacement and ideas around home and what that means for different people. Through listening and sharing we hoped to open up dialogues around borders, openness and community. Family storytime during the day and grown-up storytime in the evening. Accompanied by a thematic library and

Solstice Party

At the height of summer, Custom Folkestone was BLOOMING! Our new container was in the process of being transformed into an expanded space for our restaurant and community activities, our Locavore Garden (created from scratch with volunteers from the Beacon and Touchbase Care) was bursting into flower and we were brimming with plans and excitement

Food Was Her Country

An Artist’s Dinners at Custom Folkestone. Over a casual 3 course meal inspired by Marusya Bociurkiw’s ‘Food Was Her Country’, the author read excerpts from the book and discussed the language of food and queer memoirs with Elena Marchevska and Folkestone artist Helen Davison. Guests were invited to join the discussion whilst breaking bread with

Delfina Politics of Food Visit

Adapting [verb]Adjusting to new conditions.Making something suitable for a new use. The food system is broken. Seismic systemic change is an inevitability waiting to happen. Confronting this issue Adapting, the fourth programme in Delfina Foundation’s The Politics of Food series, curated by Dani Burrows, investigated ideas responding to the changing environment of food production. Residents

ERITREA: Community Feast

Artist Aida Silvestri created an Eritrean Menu and prepared it with the chefs of Custom Folkestone and Dr Legumes for 85 guests in the East Yard of Folkestone Harbour Arm. Aida introduced the food alongside an explanation of the political situation in Eritrea that caused her family and many others to leave. The menu included:Injera