ERITREA: Community Feast

Artist Aida Silvestri created an Eritrean Menu and prepared it with the chefs of Custom Folkestone and Dr Legumes for 85 guests in the East Yard of Folkestone Harbour Arm. Aida introduced the food alongside an explanation of the political situation in Eritrea that caused her family and many others to leave.

The menu included:
Injera (Flatbread)
Shiro (Chickpea Stew)
Alicha birsen (lentil curry)
Hot lentil stew spiced with berbere
Spiced eggs

This event was PAY WHAT YOU FEEL. We asked for a deposit of £5, which could be ‘topped up’ on the day and all surplus on the ticket price, after ingredients costs were donated to Kent Refugee Action Network. Custom Folkestone, Dr Legumes and Docker Bakery gave their time for free for these events.