Building Alternative Food Systems

“The arts, migration & food” – for Platforma #5 festival

presented by Counterpoints Arts

Building alternative food systems

Interdisciplinary artist Dana Olarescu and social designer Paulina Sidhom are working with a food bank organiser in Peckham, examining the system from how we make donations through to the user experience. Their work encourages us to reconsider our responsibility as citizens, beyond existing power structures, to redesign food systems collectively

They ran a participatory workshop on re imagining a better, fairer (more nutritious) food banking and sharing system, aimed at empowering those in need and those that donate. Looking at replacing dried, canned foods with seasonal, organic and locally-grown ones, they aim to create a more holistic model prioritising nutrition and food literacy by reflecting on our contemporary disconnect from food.

Panel discussion

What role can arts & food projects play in developing understanding of migration & displacement? With Usman Khalid of Haven Coffee and May Project founder Ian Solomon-Kawali