Following on from our restaurant (Custom Folkestone), Custom Food Lab aims to dig more deeply and radically into the issues around food systems and environmental crisis.

The Research Lab, led by Custom Food Lab’s curatorial director Madeleine Collie, is a multi-disciplinary space for creatively considering the systems and cultures emerging out of the need for future food security in the face of climate disaster and the potential change to social and economic structures. We are reaching out in solidarity to artists, thinkers, writers, activists, scientists and ecologists interested in exploring the intangible heritages of food cultures, how we think about the way in which migration and changing weather patterns will further change peoples’ relationship to land and food. Our purpose is to allow new imaginaries to emerge, providing a platform for creative and radical experiments and collective actions.

The Research lab generates multiple strands of practice, please follow our news and events for updates or have a look at the projects past and ongoing:

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speculative landscapes

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