Something Held in the Mouth

East End Jam

East End Jam Workshop Sunday 15 September (11-5pm) Clare Qualmann led a group introduction to urban foraging, including identification, safe picking and working within the law. The group foraged seasonal food available in the neighbourhoods of East Folkestone and worked together to plan, prepare and make a jam, a jelly and a chutney from the

Gleaning Trip to No Man’s Orchard

In preparation for Apple Day we travelled to No Mans Orchard in Canterbury to pick apples and explore one of only a handful of traditional orchards remaining in the Stour Valley. These large old apple trees are the home of many birds, insects and lichen and the orchard is available for everyone to use. No

Picnic Poetico

Picnic Poetico is a participatory event by Spanish artist Marta Fernández Calvo. During the weeks prior to the festival, a number of poems were. These poems contained ingredients, recipes and and poetic images of food. Participants were invited to cook some of the recipes described in the poems. The recipes were be served in Custom’s


Exhibition at Custom Folkestone by Daniella Valz Gen An investigation of the complexity of what belonging can mean as an experience. This work reflects embodied explorations of communion with the land through the process of embedding a body in the landscape. Daniella Valz Gen’s work stems from ecological concerns that expand to urgent socio-political issues.

Urban Farming, Local Conversations

Maggie Boyle, Dr Rajindra Puri, Melanie Wrigley, Cherry Truluck and Madeleine Hodge Round table conversations with groups interested in starting a practice of local growing in Folkestone that allows disused or under-utilised public spaces to be claimed as urban non-commercial community farming spaces, looking at how these models might shape our future relationships to land

Mouthings Symposium

A symposium day of conversations, eating and discussion, hosted on a long table with performances, talks and demonstrations by artists and critical thinkers, exploring intimate and global complexities of food production. Lunch was created from our discussions and shared collectively. With performances, talks and demonstrations: ‘Under/Valued Energetic Economies’ and ‘Recipes For Resistance’ Raju Rage These

Mouthfeel and the Toothache Disco

A collective sensorial experience created by Cherry Truluck in collaboration with DJ Feralchild, focusing on the somatosensory system, responsible for the physical sensation of taste known as ‘mouth feel’. A meal to be touched, sensed, examined with the tongue, the teeth, the mouth and the throat, a revealing of how it enters the body and

Building Alternative Food Systems

“The arts, migration & food” – for Platforma #5 festival presented by Counterpoints Arts Building alternative food systems Interdisciplinary artist Dana Olarescu and social designer Paulina Sidhom are working with a food bank organiser in Peckham, examining the system from how we make donations through to the user experience. Their work encourages us to reconsider

50 Farmers’ Tales

An exhibition at Urban Room Folkestone by the University of Kent Ethnobotany department50 years, 50 stories: The dynamics of farms and farming in UKC’s backyard, 1965-2015 This exhibition created by the University of Kent staff and students depicts the dynamics of farms and farming in the University’s backyard, from 1965-2015. The main aim was to

Folkestone Garden Tour

Hosted by Gini Mitchell, Custom Folkestone’s Locavore Garden Leader This walking tour introduced some of the amazing gardens of the East Cliff, some of which provided food for Custom Folkestone’s menu, and ended in our own Locavore Garden on the Harbour Arm where participants made a herbal infusion using gathered herbs from the gardens en