#Talks and Symposia

Urban Farming, Local Conversations

Maggie Boyle, Dr Rajindra Puri, Melanie Wrigley, Cherry Truluck and Madeleine Collie. Round table conversations with groups interested in starting a practice of local growing in Folkestone that allows disused or under-utilised public spaces to be claimed as urban non-commercial community farming spaces, looking at how these models might shape our future relationships to land

Mouthings Symposium

A symposium day of conversations, eating and discussion, hosted on a long table with performances, talks and demonstrations by artists and critical thinkers, exploring intimate and global complexities of food production. Lunch was created from our discussions and shared collectively. With performances, talks and demonstrations: ‘Under/Valued Energetic Economies’ and ‘Recipes For Resistance’ Raju Rage These

Building Alternative Food Systems

“The arts, migration & food” – for Platforma #5 festival presented by Counterpoints Arts Building alternative food systems Interdisciplinary artist Dana Olarescu and social designer Paulina Sidhom are working with a food bank organiser in Peckham, examining the system from how we make donations through to the user experience. Their work encourages us to reconsider