6th June 2021 – Layers of Time by Associate Artist Rubiane Maia

The Table [Performance / Public Sharing] 

Folkestone, UK

Generated from Layers of Time // Residential Workshop led by Rubiane Maia at Performance Space [as part of PSX: A Decade of Performance Art in the UK] – May 2021.

“Justamente duas semanas atrás finalizamos o meu workshop ‘Layers of Time’. Três dias intensos de troca e aprendizado. Gratidão imensa a todos que colaboraram para que este momento tão especial pudesse acontecer. Eu, ainda, não consigo explicar sobre todas as portas que nós abrimos juntos.

“Just two weeks ago we finished my workshop ‘Layers of Time’. It was three intense days of intense exchange and learning. Immense gratitude to all who collaborated so that this special moment could happen. I still can’t explain about all doors that we opened together.” Rubiane Maia

Photos by Manuel Vason

Rubiane Maia is an associate artist of Custom Food Lab and a member of Speculative Landscapes