15th June 2021 – Madeleine Collie selected for Liverpool Biennale Curatorial Study Group

Custom Food Lab Curatorial Director Madeleine Collie will be one of 20 practitioners participating in the Liverpool Biennale Curatorial Study Programme 2021.

“By bringing together a diverse collection of voices, Liverpool Biennial 2021 acts as a healthy stomach with a rich diversity of bacteria and cultures. Through this Curatorial Study Group, we will go through a process of fermentation, digesting different perspectives and practices to aid the production, absorption and transformation of ideas – supporting our collective gut intelligence in response to the Biennial.

“With Curator Manuela Moscoso, in collaboration with anthropologist Pedro Cesarino, we will discuss the contemporary crisis of global capitalism through an anthropological perspective, and with Curator Keyna Eleison will look at the form of publication as an expanded form of the exhibition, specifically challenging the catalogue format, taking an experimental approach and overarching ideas inherent in this Biennial edition.” Liverpool Biennale 2021