The Imaginary Museum

A proposal by Speculative Landscapes.

Every museum is a function of collectivity, as we look together for strategies of regeneration, anticipating the precarity created by rising sea levels and loss of landscape, the museum must participate in this movement of collective transformation. The new foundation for museums of the future will be the landscape – a closer connection with land, soil, living matter will be the prism through which we experience a museum’s many layers and manifestations. Museums are temporary structures that will be aerial, moving with the wind.

We propose substituting space with time, substituting collecting with connecting. Our bodies will be the walls that will not be white. They will have the colours of all the bodies in the world. The concept of a white cube will become a distant reminder of a society that no longer exists. Language will continue to be a challenge, but in museums we will be together to exercise different modes of expression. Museums will not hold things (artefacts), but will work with the immaterial, creating a continuous exercise of past and present memories.

Dreaming, attunement and co-presence will be central practices, because museums will cultivate an inclusive cosmovision that partakes of everything around them.