Mouthfeel and the Toothache Disco

A collective sensorial experience created by Cherry Truluck in collaboration with DJ Feralchild, focusing on the somatosensory system, responsible for the physical sensation of taste known as ‘mouth feel’. A meal to be touched, sensed, examined with the tongue, the teeth, the mouth and the throat, a revealing of how it enters the body and how the body absorbs and ingests it. Digestion was aided by a tasty soundtrack.


Chips and Vinegar
A salty tea of roast potato skins served with a teaspoonful of balsamic vinegar pearls

English Breakfast
A full English Breakfast based entirely on pumpkin: pumpkin rashers, pumpkin bread, fried ‘egg’ with coconut milk white and acorn squash puree yolk, tomatoes shaped from butternut squash ‘bolinhos’ and baked beans formed from pumpkin gnocchi and red kuri squash broth

Jam Sandwich
Rye bread topped with cured mackerel and sea buckthorn jam

Bread and Butter
Brown bread ice cream with powdered butter