#Artists Meals

Sunday Lunch with Emily Speed

Emily Speed’s work explores the body and its relationship to architecture. The idea of shelter and the inhabitant. Recent works have particularly interrogated the space around and created by women’s bodies, toying with edible architecture and interactive spaces. Emily joined us for an architectural Sunday lunch at Custom to talk about her work and share


OVERALL: PERFORMATIVE MEAL – a collaboration between Cherry Truluck and textiles artist Mira Albrecht, resulting in a meal based on foods that dye and methods of transferring the dye to the fabric. The meal took place at a table covered in fabric which absorbed the dyes in the food as the meal progressed. Menu:BorschtTurmeric and

Food Was Her Country

An Artist’s Dinners at Custom Folkestone. Over a casual 3 course meal inspired by Marusya Bociurkiw’s ‘Food Was Her Country’, the author read excerpts from the book and discussed the language of food and queer memoirs with Elena Marchevska and Folkestone artist Helen Davison. Guests were invited to join the discussion whilst breaking bread with

Delfina Politics of Food Visit

Adapting [verb]Adjusting to new conditions.Making something suitable for a new use. The food system is broken. Seismic systemic change is an inevitability waiting to happen. Confronting this issue Adapting, the fourth programme in Delfina Foundation’s The Politics of Food series, curated by Dani Burrows, investigated ideas responding to the changing environment of food production. Residents

ERITREA: Community Feast

Artist Aida Silvestri created an Eritrean Menu and prepared it with the chefs of Custom Folkestone and Dr Legumes for 85 guests in the East Yard of Folkestone Harbour Arm. Aida introduced the food alongside an explanation of the political situation in Eritrea that caused her family and many others to leave. The menu included:Injera

BRAZIL: Community Feast

100 guests joined us for our Brazilian Feast in the East Yard of Folkestone Harbour Arm. We cooked a menu proposed by Brazilian artist Rubiane Maia and using local produce, after a demonstration in her own home. Custom collaborated once again with Dr Legumes and Docker Bakery. Alongside the food, we enjoyed Brazilian music from DJs


Sunday 30th June 2019 Urban Room Folkestone Commissioned by Magic Carpets, Cherry Truluck hosted a community cocktail party & discussion, with unique drinks created from locally growing plants that have the ability to heal the land they grow in. This was part of her Near:Bower, a project derived from a series of plant identification walks

Picnic Poetico

Picnic Poetico is a participatory event by Spanish artist Marta Fernández Calvo. During the weeks prior to the festival, a number of poems were. These poems contained ingredients, recipes and and poetic images of food. Participants were invited to cook some of the recipes described in the poems. The recipes were be served in Custom’s

Mouthings Symposium

A symposium day of conversations, eating and discussion, hosted on a long table with performances, talks and demonstrations by artists and critical thinkers, exploring intimate and global complexities of food production. Lunch was created from our discussions and shared collectively. With performances, talks and demonstrations: ‘Under/Valued Energetic Economies’ and ‘Recipes For Resistance’ Raju Rage These

Mouthfeel and the Toothache Disco

A collective sensorial experience created by Cherry Truluck in collaboration with DJ Feralchild, focusing on the somatosensory system, responsible for the physical sensation of taste known as ‘mouth feel’. A meal to be touched, sensed, examined with the tongue, the teeth, the mouth and the throat, a revealing of how it enters the body and