The Guts of the Economy

With Bek Conroy

In this workshop The Guts of the Economy Bek Conroy invited participants to explore the wonders of the gut biome and the vagus nerve using speculative group drawing, mapping, and conversations to help connect them to crucial aspects of the ‘oikos’, local economy and the social reproduction of labour.

Rebecca Conroy is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the shared fictional terrain of art and economy. This workshop emerged from an art project Marrickville School of Economics, and a a series of playful experiments and speculative exercises that tried to reimagine the economy from the functional design of different parts of the body. Previously Rebecca worked with Madeleine Collie in 2017 for the Folkestone Fringe and Triennial to present a similar version called “My economy is shaped like a Uterus”

Part of VESSEL