Vessel Open Studio

At the heart of the arts programme Vessel, we hosted an ‘open studio’ residency with ceramicist Jules Degroot, who worked collaboratively with the community in our space to co-create vessels for food, exploring the parallel ideas of creation and production in bodily and ceramic form, as she was herself pregnant. The full collection of work

The Guts of the Economy

With Bek Conroy In this workshop The Guts of the Economy Bek Conroy invited participants to explore the wonders of the gut biome and the vagus nerve using speculative group drawing, mapping, and conversations to help connect them to crucial aspects of the ‘oikos’, local economy and the social reproduction of labour. Rebecca Conroy is

Garden to Table Cookery Club

A cookery club for kids aged 5-16 in collaboration with Carrie from Planet Phizzog. At each session we highlighted one or two seasonal ingredients, even harvesting them ourselves from Custom’s garden whenever possible and explore ways of cooking and making things to accompany them. Our ingredients took us on journeys through the gardens and countryside

Building Alternative Food Systems

“The arts, migration & food” – for Platforma #5 festival presented by Counterpoints Arts Building alternative food systems Interdisciplinary artist Dana Olarescu and social designer Paulina Sidhom are working with a food bank organiser in Peckham, examining the system from how we make donations through to the user experience. Their work encourages us to reconsider